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Shiznit, The main character in "Shiznit," and justly so, it's named after him. He's a grouch, but he gets the job done, and is crazily motivated.

Abe, The secretary for the bounties office Shiznit works for, a troll, and a valued member of the team. Even the mention of cheesefries will send him on a rampage.

???, the only bounty Shiznit has ever set out to collect and failed. Is a well known criminal, and has a reputation somewhat like batman's, if batman were a criminal.

Gumshoe, a troll that also happens to be the leading hunter in an opposing bounty office. He is one of Shiznit's biggest rivals, and though he appears to be some kind of fairy, he is a mean mother f***er.

Art, The mechanic and technology expert at Shiznit's bounty firm. Acts as a mentor of sorts for Shiznit.

Johnny, An old partner of Shiznit, and supposedly dead. Now he's back, and possibly wants revenge?

Phil, a member of the Rancid Gang, but ironically an older friend and contact of Shiznit.

Holly, the 6th leader of the Rancid Gang, after Tim Armstrong, the first leader, and his 4 successors died.

Bart, the bartender at Shiznit's favorite bar, and also a contact of Shiznit's. His actual name is Bartender, but he prefers Bart for short.

Buckler, an ex-pro-wrestler, Shiznit mistook him for a hit, and brought him down. As compensation, Sarah put him on payroll as a security guard, and since he was hired there hasn't been any problems. He hasn't moved from the spot he is in since he got to the firm, claiming the "lord" will direct him.

Sarah, the owner of Shiznit's bounty firm, and a total b*tch. She and Shiznit never see eye to eye, and though Shiznit is the leading contributer of business to the firm, she is constantly looking for reasons to fire him.

Logan, Just another underling of the Rancid gang, lucky enough to be part of the team invading Shiznit's firm.

Zach, another Rancid members, but more cut-throat than Holly or Logan.

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