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March 20th, 2006, 3:16 pm


Basically, I'm done here.

I have lots of ideas, but I doubt I'll ever come back to this comic. I'm getting into different types of comics, different influences, and overall, I really believe I can draw much better than I could when I did this comic. The Street was also a cool idea, but it never made it far because of the effort I had to put into it. If anyone would like to take over, let me know, It'd make me really happy to see something like that work out, whether it's because I started it, or because it was just a fun idea in itself.

Anyways, me n Greenguy (of Little People, Monster Village) are doing a new comic based on superheroes. We're almost finished with the pilot, and we're using a lot of out of the ordinary techniques. We should have enough pages to start it up once the snow melts, and we can take some pictures of our campus.

I'm a little rusty on the html, if anyone could give me a hand in fixing up a site for the comic, please let me know.

Thanks to everybody who read(s) Shiznit. I appreciate it.

November 21st, 2005, 3:34 pm

Sorry, I lied.

Sorry, I'm not really back into comics.

I thought doing entire pages, and exploring light contrasts would change enough for me to keep going with the comic.

In short, it wasn't.

Maybe I'll continue with this storyline, I really like it, but something in my art has got to change before I can make comics again. I'm sorry to anyone who is even vaguely interested in my comics.

November 10th, 2005, 12:46 am

Coming Back

I've taken the break I needed.

I've gotten into a bunch of new comic series, new inspiration, and new way of doing things. It will probably still be the whole ink thing, black and white, but I'm going to do entire pages now, not 3 panel strips.
I've got a new line of characters, a bitchin new story, and I'm going to explain what happened to Jack, Shiznit, and add in some of their histories. I'm also going to explore a little more. Mostly, I want to come to a point on what a "troll" really is in Shiznit's universe.

Here are the new characters:






Hope everything looks as cool as I think it does. You'll see soon enough.

September 26th, 2005, 12:24 pm

Game Over

Simply, I'm not interested in Shiznit anymore. I thought that entering new characters with their own plots I would be more interested, and I was for a while, but it's gone.
I hate the fact that the entire comic is three panels, and I want to use my computer more.
Also, my mainstream of inspiration, Sin City, has been read far too many times over, and I'm starting to get back into Marvel again.

I'm uploading the last page I did, and some of the stuff you never saw, then I'm going to leave this here, while I work on a new comic, you may or may not like, and you may or may not even see.

September 8th, 2005, 9:23 pm

Mardi Gras in Atlantis This Year???

Sorry if this makes anyone mad. But its what I think.
Of course I'm sorry for all the wrong that happened to everyone in New Orleans. I'm also sad that Mardis Gras is gone. Lives ruined, for no apparent reason.

But in all honesty, who lives in a city under sea level? That has bad news written all over it! You know those levies arent going to hold forever, even without a hurricane! We are digging our own graves in situations like these.

I'm wishing the best of luck to the survivors, and I deep remorse for anyone that was lost. I hope everyone makes it through this alright.

September 7th, 2005, 8:32 pm

Thank Allah

My computer is finally fixed, which means that the last page of my first comic is up. I have a few more of the new one ready to go as soon as I get them on the computer.

Sorry to everybody who is disappointed with the ending to the last comic. I knew I would rush it, I told everybody I would, and I did, so you had your warning.

The next chapter/section is drawn better, has a more interesting storyline, and has some cooler characters in my opinion.

August 28th, 2005, 6:30 pm

OH NO!!!

I left my window open when I went to bed thursday night.

No big deal, right?

The rain fried my computer, somehow. The keyboard is destroyed, and I can't get past the DOS screen.

A lot of my drawings were also water damaged, but luckily, they are in good enough shape to keep, and all of them have been scanned backed up on a disk.

My computer will be back in a week and a half supposedly, either brand new or damn near it. So it looks like that one last page of the first chapter is going to have to wait.

Goodnews though, by the time my computer is back, I should have some pages of the next chapter ready to be eaten up by rediculous criticism.

Sorry about anybody who was interested, I'll do my absolute best to get new comics up ASAP.

August 5th, 2005, 7:21 pm

Finally an Update

Sorry I haven't updated in probably over a week. I've had comics done, but I just haven't had the will to do it in my little time off.

My two new comics, and also the little people comic, are all done in my new pens. I'll probably make a new page to demonstrate how I draw the comics now.

I'm also trying to link to the Omaha Funksters, a comic group I'm in that is based in Smack Jeeves. Baxter and Little People are two other contributers. If you'd like to join, contact me, we love new blood.

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